Psychic, Medium & Animal Communicator


Natalie is a natural medium and psychic whose gifts manifested at an early age. She uses no tools. By channeling, she connects with your departed loved ones, who offer messages of hope, inspiration and guidance. She is able to see past lives and to help you connect with your own psychic senses. She can also ... Read more

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Psychic Readings

Marty was born psychic and has been doing readings most of her adult life. Her sessions combine tarot card and tea leaf readings. She uses the tarot cards to gain insight into the current life situation and future of any person that she is reading for. Thereafter, she uses tea leaves to gain better insight ... Read more

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Animal Communicator

Our animal communicator, Lerinda, connects with any domestic pet through meditation. Her readings offer insight into the personalities of these pets and into any emotional problems that they might be experiencing. Furthermore, she can also provide a general reading for your beloved animal. By sharing your pet’s thoughts with you, she can give you valuable ... Read more

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